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Project:  Twelfth Night

G.P. South High School

This project was with the students of G.P. South High School in the Detroit metro area. The group of students were all members of Shakespeare Club, but several had never acted before.  With a minimal set and production, my focus was on helping students connect with the text and with each other as performers.  I wanted students to find joy in performance and take ownership in the creation of their characters.  Using Viewpoints, the high school students collaborated in the creation of the world of Illyria.  Ultimately, the students grew in their craft and artistry, found ease in the challenge of performing Shakespeare, and built strong relationships with each other.

Project:  Macbeth, a podcast production

G.P. South High School

The year after we put on Twelfth Night, the students were eager to stage a production of Macbeth (they chose the show).  Unfortunately ,the pandemic hit and we could not meet in person.  Instead of cancelling the production, I suggested that we create a produced podcast version of the play.  I held rehearsals for three weeks via video conferencing.  My goal was to help students elicit authentic emotion and connection with their voices and enjoy the experience as much as they would if we were in person.  In rehearsals, I had students use space and physicality in their own homes as we would during normal theatrical times.  We also took time to focus solely on voice work with each other.  When I finished recording with students, I worked with musician and composer Andy Jarema to create the sonic world of the play and edit the performances together.  The result is a full-length performance of the play that was featured by Chop Bard.

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